You are reading this on our website so it’s fair to assume you know who we are but just in case you stumbled upon our website, let us tell you: We are Sault. We make certifiably cool wearable tech. We love what we do.

To answer that, here are two truths and one lie.

  • We couldn’t get the official domain name ‘Salt’ so we went ahead with ‘Sault’.
  • We added the extra ‘U’ because we realized that’s what we were missing: You.
  • We love working on the weekends.

Are you trying to ask why should you buy the best in the market?

S for ‘Simply Stylish’
A for ‘Amazing Tech’
U for ‘Ultra Convenient’
L for ‘Long Battery Life’
T for ‘Totes Fun’

Umm. Not really. They are weirdly expensive and difficult to make. We like to focus our energies on giving you the best experience on our existing product line.

Literally anywhere you want. Scroll up a little and a few clicks and you should be good to go. You can also find us on Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa etc.

If you actually can… then sure, our wearables are not going anywhere. And might we then can call it… somer’sault’s? Geddit?

No sir, we don’t need your data.

Yeah. Use away for an endless experience.

Doesn’t sounds like a problem. You can connect it.

Yep. You can’t slide into our DMs but message us on our website.

The only thing we are hiding is the excitement that you are finally joining to the Sault family.